Shanghai Feilong Meters & Electronics Co., Ltd.dddddd
is a regional high-tech enterprise, and a production base of temperature sensors and temperature control instruments. We have jointly developed and produced a series of thermocouples (thermal resistances) and temperature control electronics with many R & D institutions and academies in Shanghai, they are salable in all over the country and world with the advantage in cost performance. Our products always have famous reputation in the market and win customers’trust as a result of excellent performance, nice appearance, high reliability, advanced technology, and good cost performance. In 2000, we passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate and then obtained CE Certification. Our self-developed energy-efficient AC contactor obtained national invention patent and a number of utility patents, as well as China Compulsory Certification. This product has good energy saving effect, long service life and noiseless, and has participated in setting national standard GB21518-2008 <Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for AC contactors>. Recently we have developed thermocouples for special conditions, such as solutions of liquid steel, copper water, aluminum water, and zinc water, as well as salt furnace; the thermocouples applied under special environment as cement plant and power plant, which have high accuracy and long service life; new type anti-oxidation tungsten-rhenium thermocouple with low cost and high temperature measurement, which is the ideal product displacing platinum-rhodium thermocouple, some products have reached military level. New products of wireless temperature control and measurement solved the problem for the places where are not convenient for wiring. In 2013, we have obtained National explosion-proof production qualification certificate for explosion-proof thermocouple and thermal resistance and National Good Standardizing Practice Certificate. PTFE tube, plate, bar, gasket, and irregular part produced by our company are ideal products against strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion, and high temperature, which are green, environmental and widely used. With strong technical development team and patent results, we can undertake business for normal and special specifications, and can design & install various large scale and small scale of automatic temperature control box and temperature control room and remote monitoring temperature control systems for customers.
Step by step , looking for chance to develop in stable situation.
Self-m  t ivation, forge ahead, self-imp『ovement.
With the combination of traditional culture and morden manageme nt
Enthusiastic about social public welfare, showing social responsibility.
Interaction w ith customers.whose satisfaction is ou biggest motivation.


Established 2006
Employees 5 - 10 People
m_market North America,Western Europe
AnnualSales US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
ExportPercentage 31% - 40%
AnnualPurchase US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
company_type 1,4,7,8
c_sell PT100 RTD,RTD pt100 temperature sensor
FactorySize 1,000-3,000 square meters
QAQC In House
ProductionLines 2
RDStaff 21 - 30 People
QCStaff 61 - 70 People
m_certification ISO9001,ISO9002
c_manufacturing dss,ddos
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