Feilong Meters & Electronics

Is a regional high-tech enterprise, and a production base of temperature sensors and temperature control instruments.

What Feilong Do

We have jointly developed and produced a series of thermocouples (thermal resistances) and temperature control electronics with many R & D institutions and academies in Shanghai, they are salable in all over the country and world with the advantage in cost performance. Our prod...


why choose us

  • ISO9001:2008 quality system certification
  • Has a strong technical development team and the results of the patent
  • According to customer requirements design and installation
  • National invention patents and a number of practical patents

featured products

celebating the birthdays of employees

Today is two colleagues' birthdays in our company. our company hold a small party for celebrating their birthday.We have a happy time.we sing the birthday song, drink juice,eat the cake

what is a head mounted temperature transmitter

Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter is the perfect combination of temperature sensor and transmitter. It translates temperature signal in the range of -200 ~ + 1600 ℃ to Two-wire 4 ~ 20mA DC electrical signal and transfer to the display, controller, recorder...