2017-07-28 14:14:08

Digital Kitchen and Food Scale

Digital Kitchen and Food Scale - Compact, Stainless Steel Platform and High Precision Sensors

Kitchen Scale Features:

Food-Grade Safe Weigh Scale--Made with Stainless Steel Platform and ABS material which can put food on it directly. 

Measure Liquids and Foods--You can switch units to measure both milk,food,and other liquids.(lb:oz / g / fl:oz / ml). 

Zero/Tare Function-- The digital scale can allow you to zero out containers when using a bowl/plate as a container or working with multiple ingredients.And you won’t have to recalibrate the scale after extensive use.

Auto Shut-Off Function--Includes a 2 minute automatic turn-off that preserves battery life while giving you time to confirm each measurement. 

Lightweight and Portable--The digital scale can be stored virtually anywhere. 

Low Battery Indicator--When low battery capacity will to remind replacement battery. 

Overload Indicator--When items exceed the maximum load-bearing range. Please remove item quickly to protect the scale. 

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