2017-08-03 15:54:34

HTC-1 electronic thermometer hygrometer

HTC-1 electronic thermometer hygrometer:1.4.jpg

     Large screen display, the host built-in temperature and humidity of a probe, temperature, humidity, time at the same time display, with environmental humidity measurement function (humidity probe placed in the machine), with a clock display function, can display the date. Maximum / minimum temperature / humidity value memory; ℃ / F conversion. With a set of trouble and the whole point of the prompt function, a variety of places (desktop display / wall). 

     The digital thermometer looks stylish, beautiful brush, showing a clear and intuitive appearance simple, do not drag lines, use a 7 batteries, especially for living room, car, refrigerator, air conditioning outlet, DIY temperature, the results intuitive, Fast, high precision.

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