B-type thermocouple

  • Item No. WRR2-231
  • Type: B/R temperature range:0-1700C
  • Probe diameter: 22mm probe length:910mm
  • Insert length: 700mm probe material: corundum texture SS304
  • Thread size: 1inch temperature transmitter type:B type
  • Temperature range: -20C to 1700C output signal:4-20mA
  • Power supply: 24V accuracy:0.2%FS
  • HS code: 9033000000

● B-type thermocouple is(Platinum Rhodium-30% /Platinum Rhodium-6%)
● B-type thermocouple is usually used in extremely high temperature applications.The temperature range can arrival at1700C.the using environments such as steel mill, furnace and so on.b-type thermocouple has the highest temperature limit of all of the thermocouples listed above.type-b thermocouple maintains a high level of accuracy and stability at very high temperatures.

B-type thermocouple
Thermocouple for electric furnace
Thermocouple for foundry

B-type thermocouple
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3.OEM/ODM accept,CE passed
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Feilong duplex probe b-type thermocouple show:

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