Ferrule bolt type sheathed thermocouple

Connection box typeModelSchematic diagram
Water-proof typeWR□K-431
Quick coupling typeWR□K-451
Aviation socket typeWR□K-461
Extension wiretypeWR□K-491
       steel hose)

(1) 500mm lead wire is usually attached to the extension wire type, if need to add, please indicate the length.
(2) The measuring terminal is supplied with insulation type.If it needs to connect with the shell,change the model mantissa “1”to“2”for example 231 is changed to 232;291 is changed to be 292.
(3)The diameter of the sheathed thermocouple is not less than Φ5.The general supply for screw bolt of ferrule bolts is M16×1.5 and ≤Φ4 is M12×1.5.
(4) The fixed ferrule flanges nominal pressure is 2.5MPa.The movable ferrule flanges nominal pressure is normal pressure.
(5) Refer to Page 26-28,table 6 and fig 35 for the graduation mark,measurement range. response time,diameter and available length of the sheathed thermocouple