Indoor humidity meter gauge hygrometer

  • Temperature range: -10 ~ 50C (14 ~ 122C)
  • Humidity range: 10% ~ 99% RH
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1C (0.1C)
  • Humidity resolution: 1% RH
  • Temperature accuracy: 1C (1.8°C)
  • Humidity accuracy: ¡à5% RH(40% ~ 80%)
  • Power Supply: 1.5V AAA size (Not Included)
  • Device Dimension: 105 x 98 x 24mm
  • Device Color: White
  • Device weight: 114g

Feilong indoor humidity meter gauge hygrometer
Indoor humidity meter gauge hygrometer
Thermometer hygrometer
Digital thermo hygrometer

Product Description:
This temperature and humidity meter features large character LCD display. Displays time, humidity and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Includes stand and can be used as desk clock or room thermometer. Displays temperature between -50C to +70C or -58F to 158F, humidity level between 10% to 99%.

Display temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
Memory of MAX & MIN measuring value
12 hour / 24 hour displaying system selectable
C/F unit selectable
Clock & Calendar function (month and date)
Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging

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