Low temperature abrasion-proof thermocouple

This series includes spraying and abrasion-proof alloy types which can be used to the places with a low temperature,such as coal and material abrasion.The spraying type is low in price and good abrasion resistance in low temperature.The abrasion-proof alloy type has a long lifetime but a higher cost.

(1) K in the model means sheathed inner core elements, -P means abrasion-proof spraying with a normal length of 500mm. Please indicate length in the order if needs to add. -H means hard alloy, with a normal length of 400mm, special specification needs to be make agreement for order.
(2) The mark □ in the model means outer diameter of protection tube.
(3) Refer to page 113, Fig. 171 and page 114, Fig. 174 and 175 for the specification of fixed bolt and flange.