Temperature data logger

Feilong temperature rs232 data logger  
Rs232 data logger
Temperature data logger
Single use temperature data logger

Product Description
Feilong temperature rs232 data logger
Ordering Instruction
FL81 - - - -
12-channel input (1)( 2 )(3 )(4 )(5)
FL87 - - - -
48-channel input( 1 )(2 )(3 )(4 )(5 )
For example:FL87-08-02-02-A-U(8 Channel ,2 channel output ,2 Alarm channel , AC85-264V,
USB conversion storage (USB flash disk))
Feilong temperature rs232 data logger

(1)Number of Input Channel(2)Number of Transmitting Output Channel (remark)
CodeInput channelCodeOutput channel
01 02 03 . . . 47 481-channel input 2-channel input 3-channel input . . . 47-channel input 48-channel inputX 01 02 03 . . . 11 12No output 1-channel output 2-channel output 3-channel output . . . 11-channel output 12-channel output
(3)Number of Alarm Output Channel (remark)(4)Power Supply
CodeAlarm channelCodeVoltage range
X 01 02 03 . . . 17 18No output 1-limit alarm 2-limit alarm 3-limit alarm . . . 17-limit alarm 18-limit alarmA DAC85 ~ 264V (50/60 HZ) DC12 ~ 36V

(5)Additional   functions (You can select all the following functions with “/” to   separate them, and can omit the unselected functions.)
Communication outputUSB conversion storing function
CodeType of communication outputCodeUSB conversion storage
D1 D2RS485 communication RS232 communicationUUSB conversion storage (USB flash disk)
Print functionSD card extended function
CodePrint interfaceCodeSD card extension
D3RS232C printSDSD card extension (SD card)
Feed outputEthernet communication function
CodeFeed outputCodeEthernet communication
PDC24 VEEthernet communication

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Feilong temperature rs232 data logger
I. Overview
Universal input of FLNHR-8100/8700 series color paperless recorder (capable of inputting by means of configuration: standard voltage, standard current, thermocouple, thermal resistance, millivolt, etc.). It can be equipped with 18-channel alarm output or 12-channel analog transmitting output, RS232/485 communication interface, Ethernet interface, mini-printer interface, USB interface and SD card socket; can provide sensor distribution; is equipped with powerful display function, real-time curve display, historical curve retrospection, bar graph display, alarm list display, etc. The meter is of high cost effectiveness due to its humanized design, perfect function, reliable hardware quality and exquisite craft.
USB Temperature Data Logger

II. Main Technical Parameters

Input measurement
Input signalCurrent: 0~20mA, 0~10mA, 4~20mA, 0~10mA square root, 4~20mA square root Voltage: 0~5V, 1~5V, 0~10V, ±5V, 0~5V square root, 1~5V square root, 0~20 mV, 0~100mV, ±20mV, ±100mV Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu53, Cu100, BA1, BA2 Linear resistance: 0~400Ω Thermocouple: B, S, K, E, T, J, R, N, F2, Wre3-25, Wre5-26
Output signalAnalog output: 4~20mA (load resistance 380Ω), 0~20mA (load resistance 380Ω), 0~10mA (load resistance 760Ω), 1~5V (load resistance 250KΩ), 0~5V (load resistance 250KΩ), 0~10V (load resistance 500KΩ)
Alarm output: normally open relay contact output, where the contact capacity is 1 A/250 VAC (resistive load) (! Note: Please do not carry load directly in case the load exceeds the contact capacity of relay.)
Feed output: DC24 V ± 1, load current  250 mA
Communication   output: RS485/RS232 communication interface, 1,200 ~ 57,600 bps baud   rate (able to be set); standard MODBUS RTU communication protocol is   adopted; the communication distance of RS-485 can be as long as 1   kilometer; the communication distance of RS-232 can be as long as 15 m; EtherNet communication interface is adopted, where the communication speed is 10 M.

Comprehensive parameters
Measurement accuracy0.2%FS±1d
Sampling period1 s
Setting modeThe   button is set in the form of panel soft touch; setting values of   parameters are locked with passwords and will be saved permanently in   case of outage.
Display method7-inch 800 * 480 dot-matrix widescreen TFT high brightness color graphics and LCD display; LED backlight; with clear pictures and wide visual angle. Display   contents can be composed of characters, figures, conditional curves,   bar graphs, etc.; through panel button, page turning, forward and   backward search of historical data, time scale change of curves, etc.   can be realized.
Data backupData   backup and conversion storage of USB flash disk and SD card are   support, where the maximum capacity is 8 GB; FAT and FAT32 formats are   supported.
Storage capacityThe capacity of the internal Flash memory is 64 M Byte.
Recording intervalNine options including 1, 2, 4, 6, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 140 s can be selected.

Storage length (continuous record without power-off)

24 days (1 s interval) – 5825 days (240 s interval)   Calculation formula: recorded time (day) =   HTB1nNgQHpXXXXXKXXXX760XFXXXX.png
(!   Note: For calculation of channel number, the program divides the   channel number into five options, namely 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64, and the   bigger figure should be regarded as the channel number for calculation   in case the channel number of the instrument is between the said two   options. For example: If the channel number of the instrument is 12,   then 16 should be adopted in the formula.)

Environment conditionEnvironment temperature: -10 ~ 50°C; Relative humidity: 10 ~ 90% RH (without condensation of moisture); Avoidance of contact of high corrosive gas. (! Note: If the field environment is poor, special instruction should be given when ordering.)
Working power supplyAC 85 ~ 264 V (power supply of the switches), 50/60 Hz; DC12 ~ 36 V (power supply of the switches);
power consumption20 W.

Feilong temperature rs232 data logger

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